English Chinese Khmer

Tringual Program: English, Chinese, Khmer

We believe that speaking different languages is important now in our society.

APPLETREE decided to create a language program, which is specifically created to maintain and improve an English environment as the student tries to learn Chinese.

At APPLETREE, we think a student can understand instruction in English language, they are able to use those same abilities to acquire Chinese language.

Usually this language program is organized by grades and levels of students.

The priority with this program is to keep the student’s skills intact while they learn Chinese. It helps to develop and continue the enrichment of both languages. The student’s culture is also important to maintain so the student can feel comfortable learning a new language.

There are so much more benefits to speaking different languages. However, having a proficiency in both is an added advantage to the student.

The student will learn faster if they can identify with the new language learned and incorporate what they know from their native language into learning the new language.

The language program helps students to be more competent in English while still maintaining their own language and culture.

The student is able to develop their cognitive and academic skills in both their native, English and Chinese language. This would help the student to become more successful because they would be prepared both academically and cognitively for an International Environment.