Reading Corner

APPLETREE encourages every child to use and develop their skills, talents, creativity and ideas.  We believe that a solid foundation in literacy opens the door for children to succeed in their life. We are committed to provide a quality learning academic program, with a strong reading and writing base at the core.  We really believe that the skills and confidence in reading have a tremendous impact on our child’s future academic success.

In addition of the library, the school provides a student centered learning environment that fosters a love of reading.


Playing Corner

At APPLETREE, we always try to find different activities for our students during their breaks.

We promote building and construction toys for our students because we really think it is universal and powerful. This kind of activity can change the way our student think and stimulate their creativity.

This time is an opportunity for our students to develop different skills:

  • Motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Creative skills
  • Social and Language Skills

Water Play

APPLETREE encourages participation of all Kindergarten students in aquatic activities in a safe and supportive environment:

  • Acquiring lifesaving swimming skills and water awareness
  • Improve water safety and survival knowledge
  • Improve fitness, strength, co-ordination and general health

Improve confidence and self esteem


Introduce the smaller children to water and ensure they learn to appreciate and enjoy it. Skills like movement and breath control will be introduced and practiced during these lessons. The main point of this class session is water play and water appreciation.

Our program is based on fun, laughter and learning through play.

Safety is a priority. The swimming pool is always kept locked and children are not allowed to swim without supervision.