APPLETREE International School is excited about including STEM in our academic curriculum. These subjects make learning more fun and engaging, and it also provide then opportunities to use content knowledge and skills in ways that are practical and applicable to the real world. 

The school is really interested in for our students, because it get exposure to hands-on learning that challenges them to think critically and creatively, and lets them apply important content knowledge in meaningful ways. 

STEM provides another way to connect to our programs and learning environment for 21st Century Learning, which outlines the content knowledge and themes, learning and life skills, and various supports that all students need to succeed in today's world.

We do not need our students to grow up to become a scientist, engineer, or designer, but we want all of them to grow up knowing how to think like one and get enough knowledge to lead their own life.

With STEM, we would prepare our students to get ready for most of the challenges they will face and create a learning environment to really inspire them.